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Number 138 (one hundred thirty-eight) is an even three-digits composite number and natural number following 137 and preceding 139.

Properties of the number 138

Cardinalone hundred thirty-eight
one hundred thirty-eight
Number of digits3
Sum of digits12
Product of digits24
Number parityEven
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Prime Factorization of 138

Prime factorization2 x 3 x 23
Prime factors2, 3, 23
Number of distinct prime factors ω(n)3
Total number of prime factors Ω(n)3
Sum of prime factors28
Product of prime factors138
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Divisors of 138

List of proper divisors 1, 2, 3, 6, 23, 46, 69
List of all dividers1, 2, 3, 6, 23, 46, 69, 138
Number of divisors d(n)8
Sum of all divisors σ(n)288
Aliquot sum 150
138 is an abundant number , because the sum of its proper divisors (150) is greater than itself. Its abundance is 12.
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Prime numbers

Is 138 a prime number?No
Is 138 a semiprime number?No
Is 138 a Chen prime number?No
Is 138 a Mersenne prime number?No
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Is 138 a Catalan number?No
Is 138 a Fibonacci number?No
Is 138 a Idoneal number?No
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Number theory

Number theory is a branch of pure mathematics devoted primarily to the study of the integers and integer-valued functions.
138 is not a Happy number
138 is not a Humble number
138 is not a Münchhausen number
138 is not a Perfect number
138 is not a Perfect square
138 is not a Palindrome
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Numeric Bases of 138

In mathematics, a base or radix of a numeral system is the number of unique digits, including zero, used to represent numbers in that system.
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Mathematical operations

Mathematical operations are actions that are performed on numbers or mathematical expressions to find a numerical result.
Square of 138 (n2)19044
Cube of 138 (n3)2628072
Square root of 13811.747340124471
Natural Logarithm (ln) of 1384.9272536851572
Decimal Logarithm (log) of 1382.1398790864012
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Trigonometry is the study of the relationship between the angles and sides of a triangle.
Sine of 138-0.22805225950086
Cosecant of 138-4.3849598429268
Cosine of 1380.97364889304952
Secant of 1381.0270642807059
Tangent of 138-0.23422432986761
Cotangent of 138-4.2694112971323
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Number parity

Parity is the property of an integer of whether it is even or odd.

Is 138 an Even Number?

Yes, the number 138 is an even number.

Is 138 an Odd Number?

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Ban number

In recreational mathematics, a ban number is a number that does not contain a particular letter when spelled out in English; in other words, the letter is "banned".
The spelling of 138 in words is "one hundred thirty-eight", meaning that:
138 is an aban number (a number without the letter a)
138 is not an eban number (as it contains the letter e)
138 is not an iban number (as it contains the letter i)
138 is not an oban number (as it contains the letter o)
138 is not a tban number (as it contains the letter t)
138 is not an uban number (as it contains the letter u)
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Numeral systems

How to write 138 in other number systems?
Bengali numerals১৩৮
Eastern Arabic numerals١٣٨
Hieroglyphs numeralsused in Ancient Egypt𓍢𓎈𓐁
Khmer numerals១៣៨
Japanese numerals百三十八
Roman numeralsCXXXVIII
Thai numerals๑๓๘
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How do you say 138 in 38 different languages?
Arabicمائة و ثمانية و ثلاثون
Croatiansto trideset i osam
Czechsto třicet osm
Danish et hundrede otte og tredive
Estonianalafa ɖeka blaetɔ̃ vɔ enyi
Filipinoisáng daán at tatlóng pû’t waló
Frenchcent trente-huit
Greekεκατόν τριάντα οκτώ
Hebrewמאה שלושים ושמונה
Hindiएक सौ अड़तीस
Icelandiceitt­hundrað og þrjátíu og átta
Indonesianseratus tiga puluh delapan
Latviansimt trīsdesmit astoņi
Lithuanianšimtas trisdešimt aštuoni
Norwegianhundre og tretti­åtte
Persianصد و سی و هشت
Polishsto trzydzieści osiem
Portuguesecento e trinta e oito
Romanianuna sută treizeci şi opt
Russianсто тридцать восемь
Serbianсто тридесет и осам
Slovakjedna­sto tridsať­osem
Slovenesto trideset osem
Spanish ciento treinta y ocho
Swahilimia moja na thelathini na nane
Turkishyüz otuz sekiz
Ukrainianсто тридцять вісім
Vietnamesemột trăm ba mươi tám
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Number 138 reversed831
ASCII Code138Š
Unicode CharacterU+008AŠ
Hexadecimal color (shorthand)#113388
Unix TimestampThu, 01 Jan 1970 00:02:18 +0000
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